Wednesday, 13 July 2011

A very successful celebration

Sister Wendy Beckett was guest of honour at a celebration in St Pauls by Westminster Cathedral bookshop on Tuesday 12th July to celebrate the publication on her latest two books.
Sister Wendy Contemplates the Iconic Jesus, published by ST PAULS) is the second in a series of books in which she offers spiritual commentaries on works of art, the first in the series being Saint Paul in Art. Whilst icons are not strictly works of art, they are in fact representations of the divine, "written" under strict guidelines. Her books clearly show that Sister Wendy still has the ability to interpret the sacred in a way that touches the heart and the soul. In his speech at the launch of the book, Archbishop Vincent Nichols of Westminster thanked publishers for continuing to make Sister Wendy’s writings available and said of her, "You allow people to take another step towards the Lord."

Here are some more photographs taken during the evening.

Sister Wendy Contemplates the Iconic Jesus can be purchased from all ST PAULS bookshops or clicking  here.

More photographs of the evening can be seen here on Jo-Anne Rowney's flickr.

So as not to miss an advertising opportunity, Sister Wendy revealed the cover of her next book with ST PAULS, The Christ Journey. This book contains pictures of the art work of contemporary artist Greg Tricker, which will be on display for three weeks in Westminster Cathedral from 26th September 2011. The artwork featured in the book is accompanied by Sister Wendy's commentaries.

The photographs featured are courtesy of Br Marco Bulgarelli ssp and Jo-Anne Rowney.