Monday, 13 June 2011

Poor Banished Children

Commuting in London is far from an enjoyable experience, often made worse by the activity of one’s fellow commuters. Some people try to make their fellow commuters oblivious by burying their head in a copy of the free newspaper which is scattered all over the tube carriage or by reading a trashy novel. Others are oblivious of their fellow commuters and perform activities which are best kept to the bathroom or dressing table (should such pieces of furniture still exist). Having to watch a woman on public transport apply a variety of coloured substances to her face first thing in the morning is not a good start to any day.

Occasionally, one sees a fellow commuter (not "customer" as announcements at London Underground stations insist on calling us) reading the bible, which is a very productive use of time, as well as being an excellent form of witness. Now, thanks to Fiorella de Maria Nash, there is a another book which everyone can benefit from reading - Poor Banished Children.

Don’t take our word for it, have a look here at what Fr Tim Finigan has to say about it, then purchase it here from ST PAULS.