Friday, 1 July 2011

Reviews for Sister Wendy's latest book

Reviews for Sister Wendy Beckett’s latest book, Sister Wendy Contemplates the Iconic Jesus, have started to appear in the press.
Jo-Anne Rowney, reviewing the book for The Westminster Record (the monthly newspaper for the Diocese of Westminster) writes:

"Each chapter’s icon is complemented by Sr Wendy’s commentary, giving a narrative to images we would not necessarily think could touch us so deeply."


"’The Iconic Jesus’ inspires you, showing you the life of Christ as you have never seen it before."

Whilst a brief review in the Catholic Herald of 1st July is worth reproducing in full -

"Sister Wendy’s last book, a look at St Paul in art, was a superb addition to both art history and Catholic studies. This, the follow-up, is even better. The inimitable Sister Wendy looks at depictions of Christ’s life in iconography across the centuries.

Choosing the most fascinating examples, her lucid commentaries reflect on both art and spirituality.

This is a wonderful book."

The official launch celebration for the book is to take place in our Westminster Bookshop this month. Although this is by invitation only, if you would like to attend, please contact the shop and speak to Stephen Moseling.