Wednesday, 25 January 2012

St Pauls Birmingham

With the recent news of the closure of yet another chain of Christian bookshops (Wesley Owen) and the devastating result this will bring to the lives of the employees, the loss to the customers and the resulting absence of further losses of a Christian witness on the streets of our towns and cities, it seems somewhat heartless of us to rejoice in the fact that today St Pauls has celebrated the 10th anniversary of the opening of our shop at St Chad’s Cathedral in Birmingham.

However, for us it has been a day of celebration and thanksgiving. The principle event being the celebration of Mass in St Chad’s Cathedral attended by the staff of the bookshop, representatives of St Pauls in London, a number of our loyal customers and priests and people of the diocese of Birmingham. It was also very good to have Tim Tiley with us.

The photograph shows some of the staff of our shop, including Lorenzo Torri, the Manager, (second from the left) whose commitment and dedication to the mission of St Pauls has made an invaluable contribution to the fact that we have been able to have this celebration today.