Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Sister Wendy Beckett has been sent to Malta

No, she hasn't been exiled to Malta... her latest book Sister Wendy Contemplates The Iconic Jesus, to be published by us, is with the printer.

This latest book from Sister Wendy, like its companion volume Saint Paul in Art, enables us to share some of the great insights into the scriptures that she has gained from a life spent in prayer.

 The Iconic Jesus,as the title suggests, introduces the reader to the meaning and significance of iconography. Sister Wendy has chosen a selection of her favourite icons, from traditional and modern sources, which depict episodes from the life of Christ. As we contemplate these icons, with her as our guide, we are taken out of our own world and drawn into a deeper understanding of the life of Christ and the life He wishes us to live.

Sister Wendy does not allow us simply to look and turn the page. In each chapter her commentary complements the artist’s work and together they provide us with inspiration to live our life of service to Christ, the Church and to each other.

"The tradition of the icon shows that the artist must be conscious of fulfilling a mission of service to the Church." (Blessed John Paul II).

 "If we just leaf through the book, we will miss its potential to change what we are into what God would have us be, that infinitely free and joyful creature. It is not in words that we respond to the icon, but at a level far deeper and more immediate." (Sister Wendy).

The book, printed in colour throughout, contains 42 of Sister Wendy's favourite icons. Publication date is 1st June. If you would like to receive an invitation to the launch celebration of the book and meet Sister Wendy please contact us at our Westminster bookshop via our website. The date of the launch has yet to be confirmed.