Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Guild of Catholic Bloggers

Our brother blogger Reluctant Sinner has put forward the idea of forming a Guild of Catholic Bloggers, details of which can be read here. A meeting to discuss the idea is to be held this Saturday (7th May) at 2pm in the Hinsley Room of Westminster Cathedral. The meeting is open to all Catholic bloggers.

Writing in 1944, James Alberione, the founder of the Pauline Family, said:
"The press, cinema, radio, these make up today the most urgent, the most rapid and the most effective works of the Catholic apostolate. It is possible that time will give to us other better means. But at present it seems that the heart of the apostle cannot desire anything better in order to give God to souls and souls to God." He repeated these words in 1960, adding "television" to the list of media. Should he repeat these words again today I am sure Blessed James Alberione would now add "internet" and "blog" to the list.

As an organisation committed to promoting the Gospel using the various means of communication, ST PAULS will be represented at the meeting on Saturday and are confident that the prayers of Blessed James Alberione will be guiding and supporting all who attend.

Blessed James Alberione pray for us